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Discover the peninsula of Rhuys

Are you staying at the campsite in Morbihan or are you planning to go there? Do not hesitate to visit our campsite in Lomener in Plœmeur. You will discover an exceptional territory that offers a rich heritage with its landscapes, historical sites and local gastronomy. The Rhuys Peninsula is one of those remarkable sites to visit in southern Brittany.

Travel to the Rhuys Peninsula

The Rhuys Peninsula is located in the department of Morbihan, in southern Brittany, it closes the Little Sea of the Gulf of Morbihan and borders the Atlantic Ocean on its southern facade.
Its territory extends over ten kilometers long and 2 to 4 kilometers wide depending on the location. Five communes are present on the Rhuys peninsula: Sarzeau, the largest, Arzon, Saint-Armel, Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys and La-Tour-du-Parc.

The peninsula of Rhuys is a real enchantment in any season, the sky and the ocean give the landscapes a remarkable light. Discover its sensitive natural areas, its wild corners, its beautiful beaches on the ocean or its oyster ports. Already sensitive to these beautiful landscapes, the Dukes of Brittany and Anne of Brittany chose to establish their residence on the peninsula, at the castle of Suscinio, in the town of Sarzeau, built at the end of the Middle Ages. Another high place in the history of the Rhuys Peninsula, the abbey church of Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys, testifies to the important activity of the monks in the past and it is one of the few Romanesque monuments present in Brittany.

Diving Presquile Rhuys

The peninsula of Rhuys, a magical place

For a day or a week, your stay at the Rhuys Peninsula will not leave you indifferent. With family, alone or with friends, let yourself be charmed by the idyllic setting of this place. Some sites are unmissable and it would be a shame to miss out. This is the case of the castle of Suscinio and the abbey church of Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys, mentioned above.

If you plan a short visit to the Presqu’Île, you can take a wonderful short walk from the salt marshes of Lasné to the Passage. This coastal path offers many views of the Gulf of Morbihan. To cool off, you can make a stop on one of the beautiful beaches of the south coast of the peninsula. Even for a brief visit to the peninsula, take the time for a break and taste oysters and clams directly from local oyster farmers, your taste buds will be quickly awakened!

The Gulf of Morbihan, and therefore the Rhuys Peninsula, is one of the remarkable places in France for bird watching. The natural environments present on the peninsula, marshes, groves or wooded areas, make it a privileged space for various species of birds, no less than 200 species of birds are recorded each year in the Gulf. Leaving the most touristic places, you may have the pleasure of seeing sandpipers, herring gulls or even cattle egrets.

If you are more fond of thrills, the Presqu’île offers many sports activities in this spirit. Kayaking, scuba diving, trail or paramotor baptism to fly over the peninsula, activities on land, on the sea or in the air, the choice is yours!

With the family, on the Presqu’île, multiple leisure activities are offered, animal park, acrobatic courses and the Giant Corn Labyrinth in Sarzeau will enchant young and old. For your purchases of food products, local and souvenirs, you will find many markets in the villages of the Rhuys Peninsula, artisanal, organic or gourmet, for all tastes and for all desires.

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