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Discover the bay of Quiberon

The bay of Quiberon is not limited to Quiberon and its peninsula, discover this wonder of Morbihan immediately during your stay at the Pen Palud campsite.


Classified among the Most beautiful bays in the world, Quiberon Bay is bounded to the north by the mainland, to the south by the islands of Houat and Hoedic and to the west by the Quiberon peninsula, thus forming an arc sheltered from the swell and offshore winds.

The bay enjoys a high rate of sunshine thanks to the microclimate characteristic of southern Brittany. Huge white sandy beaches stretch along its coastline offering a paradise for lovers of turquoise waters, wild nature and water sports.

On the land side, there are popular seaside resorts: Quiberon of course, Carnac with its famous megalithic alignments, and La Trinité sur mer, a mecca of world nautical competitions, all offer sublime beaches. The environmental, cultural and tourist heritage of the bay is immense and extends to its islands, pearls of the ocean.

Visit Quiberon Bay


The bay of Quiberon has an admirable archipelago that must be discovered. Islands and islets are dotted here and there for the happiness of all:

  • Hoëdic : a small quiet island only 2.5 km long and 800 m wide, it is home to 117 inhabitants year-round. Here, no motor vehicles that would disturb the calm, the island can be visited on foot to appreciate the diversity of its flora and the gentle beauty of its 23 beaches ;
  • Houat: a little larger than its little sister (houat means “duck” in Breton and Hoëdic caneton), 5 km long by 1.3 wide, Houat will appear a little wild and steep to the south, with coves and steep cliffs. To the east you will find an admirable sandy beach. Take a tour of the coastal paths to make sure you don’t miss any of the striking diversity of the stunning landscapes of this enchanting island;
  • Belle-Île : further off the bay and much larger than the others (17 km long by 9 wide), it is said that we fall in love with it before touching its shores. It offers a contrasting landscape formed by soft moors, torn cliffs, magnificent beaches. 5500 people live there year-round.

The only risk when visiting the bay of Quiberon is to want to come back as its charms will enchant you, do not think that you will resist the song of its sirens.

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