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Discover Brittany

Southern Brittany is full of treasures. By hiking or small train, you will not resist the charm of the wild coast of Quiberon. If you are passionate about history, the alignments of Carnac will not leave you indifferent. This exceptional megalithic site consists of dolmens and menhirs, nearly 4,000 standing stones forming gigantic alleys extending over about 4 kilometers.

Nature holidays in a campsite in the south of Brittany by the sea

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From the Pen Palud campsite in Ploemeur, you can reach the port on foot and take a shuttle to the islands, especially Belle-Île-en-Mer and the Ile de Groix, renowned for its tranquility and superb sandy beaches.

Do you like walking? Many hiking trails in Morbihan await you! Get out of your mobile home, put on your trekking shoes and go on the Sentier des Douaniers (GR 34), a fabulous long-distance hiking trail that runs along 2,000 km of coastline in southern Brittany, from Bénodet to Névez. If you are looking for the inner paths, go with your family in the footsteps of Merlin the Enchanter and the Knights of the Round Table to the forest of Brocéliande.

In South Brittany, many destinations and places of tourist interest are to be visited. Do not miss the Crozon Peninsula, La Pointe du Raz, Douarnenez, and finally the Bigouden Country and its beaches.

Brittany Sea

Camping on the coast in the south of Brittany and its seaside

The coastline of southern Brittany is full of magical and wild places to spend a dream holiday and practice all the water sports that the ocean offers. The seaside of Morbihan is an exceptional place where a unique nature is offered to you.

Not far from Quimper, do not miss a visit to Bénodet and its sublime white sand beaches, Le Trez, Le Coq, Saint-Gilles and Le Letty just before the White Sea, you can of course practice sailing.

Embark on a day on the Glénan archipelago and its paradisiacal beaches, treat yourself to a boat tour with a transparent bottom to discover the richness of the seabed.

Behind its granite ramparts, Concarneau awaits you for beautiful discoveries: its old houses, but also, its fishing and pleasure ports.

Around the city, there are still sandy beaches and blue waters where sailing, rowing, tiralo, surfing and scuba diving are practiced.

Finally, do not miss the divine beach of Tahiti in Nevez, turquoise water, white sand. Learn about water walking, paddle boarding or sea surfing or kayaking in a privileged environment completely turned towards the ocean.

Passing through southern Brittany, a detour to Pont-Aven is a must, celebrated by Gauguin, its light will leave you with an imperishable memory. Note the adorable little marina, starting point for many hikes.

Visit Pont Aven
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What to do in South Brittany?

Brittany also has superb castles in Combourg, Vitré, Tonquédec, Fougères, Josselin… Not to mention the incredible Fort la Latte (Côtes d’Armor).

Further north, 40 minutes by car from our campsite, you will discover the famous city of Concarneau, the painter’s village of Pont Aven and its delicious cakes, the small typical port of Doëlan and the cliffs of Pouldu.

If you decide to come and visit us during the first 15 days of August, do not miss one of the biggest Celtic events in the world: the Festival Interceltique de Lorient. Brittany hosts other major festivals during the summer, including Les Vieilles Charrues (Carhaix).

Finally, South Brittany has several thalassotherapy centers that use the benefits of the sea for healing purposes. The thalasso of Carnac and the Spa Océane de Guidel are only a few minutes from the campsite by car.

Camping Bretagne Sud by the sea: the must-sees

  • The island of Groix: There are several ways to visit the island of Groix, but the most pleasant is still walking to get lost on the paths that run through the island. Between heather moors and gorse, discover the pretty white houses dotted here and there. Admire the great beaches, their blue waters, their white sand. The wild beauty of this island will seduce you for sure.
  • Quiberon : discover the peninsula, between wild coast and immense bay of fine sand, the landscapes are breathtaking. At the tip, visit the seaside resort of Quiberon, for water sports lovers.
  • Lorient : entirely turned towards the ocean, Lorient reveals its charms by telling the sea. Visit the city of sailing, the docks and the auction, the underwater base and do not miss the interceltic festival that lasts a week in August.
  • Port Louis: don’t miss Port-Louis, a citadel city with Spanish charm and home to the Museum of the East India Company, an exciting exotic journey through time and space.
  • Carnac : this pleasant seaside town is above all a world-famous megalithic mecca that must be visited. Take a leap into the history of humanity by exploring the 4 sites of the alignments of Carnac and let yourself be carried away by the legends of the place.
  • Gâvres peninsula: The Gâvres peninsula is a small piece of land looming over the ocean that encloses part of it to create its own sea. You will find a very present coastline lined with beaches and heavenly places.
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