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The best beaches for surfing in Morbihan

The most beautiful surf spots

Do you want to surf during your camping holiday in Morbihan ? Find here the best beaches for surfing Morbihan:

  • La Falaise in Guidel-Plage : the beach of La Falaise, in the continuity of the beach of Bas Pouldu, is located facing the ocean at the mouth of the Laïta. The surf spot in Morbihan is popular with surfers, especially beginners, at rising tide. Surf shops line the spot, as well as bars and restaurants.
  • Fort Bloqué: a few kilometers from Guidel, the spot of Fort Bloqué is located in the town of Ploemeur. The length of the beach (1.5 km) and the permanent swell make it possible to practice surfing even in high season. The site is suitable for beginners as well as experienced surfers.
  • Le Loch: Loch Beach, in Guidel, is a must-see beach break. Well exposed southwest, this spot combines the pleasure of a wild setting and proximity to amenities : surf shops, bars and restaurants are quickly accessible after skiing.
  • Barre d’Etel : this surf spot not recommended for beginners is known for its very strong currents. Sliding conditions are ideal at rising tide with a north wind and a swell of at least 1.50 m. It is located near the mouth of the Ria d’Etel, a river conducive to paddle boarding.
  • Men Du Beach in La Trinité: last beach of La Trinité on the edge of Carnac, the spot of Men Du is ideal for kite surfing. Conditions are suitable for independent surfers rather than beginners. Due to the frequentation of the beach, the practice of board sports such as surfing in Carnac is not allowed during the summer months.
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Beaches for surfing in Morbihan

  • Spot of Sarzeau : the beach of Penvins is located on the peninsula of Rhuys, east of the cove of Suscinio dominated by the silhouette of its medieval castle. The space offered by the place and its exhibition lend themselves to the practice of surfing and kitesurfing.
  • Mané Gwen Beach in Plouharnel: the exceptional setting of Mané Gwen Beach, in a protected dune environment, makes this surf and kitesurfing spot one of the most beautiful in Southern Brittany. The conditions are suitable for beginners as well as advanced. There is also sand yachting, windsurfing and bodyboarding.
  • Kerhilio in Erdeven: in an exceptional dune environment, the spot of Kerhilio offers the ideal conditions for surfing, bodyboarding, windsurfing and kitesurfing. The flat bottoms ensure a constant swell. The exposure to the winds is ideal and the large spaces allow the cohabitation of all practices.
  • Port Bara: in Saint-Pierre-de-Quiberon, the spot of Port Bara is ideal for technical training for surfers. Parking is available nearby. The spot, also equipped with showers and toilets, is lined with surf shops and restaurants.
  • Port Blanc: spot with fast waves appreciated by experienced surfers, Port Blanc also charms for the panorama it offers on the bay of Quiberon, in the heart of the wild coast. The swell is medium to long. Surfing is ideally practiced at low tide and rising tide, before saturation. Be careful all the same about the surfing conditions in Quiberon.
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