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Cheap campsite near Quiberon

Enjoy good deals and promotions at Camping Quiberon

At the campsite near Quiberon, we have thought of all budgets and have therefore set up promotions so that you can enjoy your holidays in Morbihan.

Benefit from a discount of up to – 50% for the rental of a mobile home for 1 to 6 people during the mid-season periods, in May, June, September and October. For these months, cheap formulas are also offered by the night to save even more money and organize your stay while flexible as to the dates of arrival and departure at the cheap campsite near Quiberon.

In September rent your comfortable mobile home at the cheap campsite near Quiberon from 130 € on weekends, 272 € per week and 560 € fortnight for 4 people !

Cheap holiday rentals in Quiberon

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Lodging ranges
Maximum capacity
Number of rooms
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MG 4581 2
Mobile home CONFORT – 3 bedrooms Large terrace
6 3 rooms
MG 4733 3
Chalet RELAX – 2 bedrooms semi-covered terrace
6 2 rooms
Mobile home CONFORT PMR – 2 bedrooms Covered Terrace
5 2 rooms
Mobile home BUDGET – 2 bedrooms
4 2 rooms
MG 4687 1
Mobile home RELAX – 2 bedrooms Integrated terrace
4 2 rooms
MG 4349 1
Mobile home PREMIUM – 2 bedrooms
4 2 rooms
MG 4280 1
Mobile home PREMIUM – 3 bedrooms
6 3 rooms
MG 4794 2
MOBIL HOME CONFORT 2 Ch Semi-Covered Terrace
5 2

Put your suitcases in one of our mobile homes at a very low price and discover Quiberon, its peninsula with large sandy beaches and turquoise waters and islands. The cheap campsite near Quiberon offers a wide choice of rentals for 1 to 6 people with modern comfort.

All our mobile homes are equipped with sanitary facilities, separate bedrooms and a kitchen so that you can save money on your meals. With or without terrace, outdoor spaces are always pleasant and grassy.

Choose one of the advantageous formulas of the campsite at the best price near Quiberon to spend a holiday in a superb natural environment while enjoying an aquatic area accessible to the whole family.

Know that during the middle season, in spring and autumn, your holidays will be offered at unbeatable prices thanks to considerable discounts so that you can fully enjoy all the leisure activities in Quiberon.

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